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APLS lighting 2022 Goal

APLS lighting 2022 Goal

Xiamen APLS lighting technology co.,ltd was opened from Feb 10th.

For the safety of work, we wear masks and gloves during work. Measure body temperature twice a day.

We will do our best to ensure our production schedule and deliver on time.

Our principles are independent innovation, safe production and efficient delivery.

Our company has been strictly controlling the quality of products. The processes of production are:order confirmation – raw material procurement – production schedule – products assembly – products online inspection – packaging – 5% ratio of random inspection – shipment. The first raw materials quality inspection is required before entering the warehouse.  Only good raw materials can make good products.
We have a strong R & D team and laboratory. A new product takes a lot of effort from design to production. Design-Proofing-Experiment-Mold Opening-Field Experiment plus Inspection-Promotion. Every detail requires repeated design and improvement by the team to make the most optimized product that to meets the needs of the user experience.
The main use of work lights are for lighting in auto repairs, construction sites and other workplaces. All products require high efficient light output. The integrator in the laboratory can measure the luminous flux ; the rain test box can test the waterproof performance ; the key life tester can measure the switch life, which is very important. Because the work light will be used by mechanic every day, and will be on/off several times per day. It is necessary to ensure that the switch of each product can guarantee a service life of at least 100K cycles.

Due to the special environment of the construction site and maintenance site, there are various of oil stains and detergents, that the products will inevitably come into contact with these substances, so it is necessary to ensure that the outer shell of the product will not become brittle and broken due to corrosion by the above substances. The laboratory uses a salt spray test machine to detect the material of the product shell. There is also a ball drop test to detect the IK level; a torque flip tester detects the number of times a particular product can be folded, etc.

Our company plans to launch wireless charging series of work lights this year, including handheld work lights and smart pocketable work lights. In addition, 10W, 20W, 50W, 100W floodlight series will also be developed. The rechargeable and portable work light bar is on the state of tooling making, which has strong magnets on it’s base that can be directly amount on under the hood of the car and the surface of various iron parts. The light body can be rotated 180 degrees, and the lighting color temperature and brightness can be selected according to the needs of the use scene.

In the new year, let us cooperate together to achieve a win-win situation.

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